Yield Book Boost

Yield Book® Boost offers more calculations in less time.

Overview of Yield Book Boost

Leveraging multiple threads to accelerate calculation speed, allws time-sensitive projects to be completed quickly and deadlines to be met. 

Features & Benefits

Portfolio analytics in a fraction of the time

Yield Book Boost speed comparison chart.

Performance increase *

Accelerate portfolio calculations

Speed up calculation time using Yield Book boost licenses.

Performance increase

Calculating partial durations for a portfolio of 250 pass-through mortgages

Yield Book Boost advantages shown in this flow diagram.

4x Boost vs. No Boost *

Critical analytics delivered faster

Yield Book boost reduces the time needed for calculations such as projected partial durations, risk sensitivities, scenario analysis, cash flows, return attribution, tracking error and value-at-risk..


Yield Book Boost power boosting option

Yield Book Boost Option *

Live or automated

Yield Book boost works both interactively and via automation (batch processing).

* Screenshots are sourced from Yield Book. For illustrative purposes only.