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Yield Book Consulting Services

Yield Book Consulting Team offers bespoke solutions for your functional and strategic requirements.

From tailor-made risk analysis, customized reporting and ...

From tailor-made risk analysis, customized reporting and efficient data delivery, the Yield Book consulting team offers bespoke solutions for your functional and strategic requirements.

Our staff combines fixed income expertise with analytics know-how and an in-depth understanding of Yield Book to serve both our buy-side and sell-side clients, including broker-dealers, investment managers, banks, central banks, insurance companies, hedge funds, mutual funds, pension funds and corporate treasury departments.

Features & Benefits

Custom Solutions For Your Business

Your requirement

Our solution

Scenario analysis/cash flow analysis with user-defined parameters

Our flexible scenario and cash flow analysis tools do not limit users to a set of pre-defined (default) analysis parameters. Consequently, we can work with you to introduce self-defined criteria and adapt the calculations entirely to your business needs.

We can also run the analysis with your defined criteria for you.

Outsourcing of analytics and reporting For clients with extensive analytical reporting requirements and resource constraints, our team can design and run your analysis, and provide you with the required reporting output.
Efficient process design for portfolio and risk management

We can explore with you ways of automating processes and increasing efficiency. All processes are designed on a case-by-case basis to best align with your requirements.

Our solutions help you meet the deadlines of your time-sensitive reporting and allow you to spend less time processing data so you can focus on your investment decisions.

Custom reporting in a format that is compatible to other third party applications We can create customized reporting for you in your preferred format, easily editable and exportable to other applications.

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